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One Slicer To Control Them All

In Excel 2007, Microsoft added structured tables. Although far from being my favourite Excel feature, they are certainly a step in the right direction, and Microsoft are using them more and more in other functions. Excel 2010 saw the addition … Continue reading

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PASSBAC 2015 Revisited

As promised at my session on Excel’s CUBE functions at PASSBAC 2015 in Santa Clara on 22nd April, here are the files that I used at that session. It was my intention to have just two Excel workbooks, a starting … Continue reading

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Bob The (Proto) Builder

I have been building a prototype application over the past week, using Power Query to take the principal data management sheet, and create a form of normalised data that I could load into a SQL Server database which I would then … Continue reading

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Just One Slice Please

We all use pivot tables, don’t we? And with the introduction of slicers, we have a much more friendly and nicer way of filtering the results than the old pivot filters. One drawback of slicers is that it is not … Continue reading

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Excel is for Parameters

In my last two posts, I have shown how to build a datamodel in Excel from an Excel workbook that had two levels of headings, and then I showed how to improve the code  using functions. In the second I … Continue reading

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PASS Business Analytics Conference – an Excel view

Chris Webb recently posted his thoughts on the first PASS Business Analytics Conference. Chris is a SQL Server MVP, but one of the first that I recall who acknowledged that Excel is the business’ choice, even for BI/BA. I am coming … Continue reading

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