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UK Bank Holidays in Power Query – Easter

In my previous post I showed how to calculate all of the UK Bank Holidays for a nominated year,all holidays except the Easter holidays. In this post we will wrap it up by showing how to calculate those holidays. The … Continue reading

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UK Bank Holidays in Power Query

I recently built an application that needed to be able to work out the UK Bank Holidays for any given year. This is relatively easy in Excel, the only two that are a little taxing are Easter Friday and Easter … Continue reading

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London Data Culture Day 2015

At the recent London Data Culture Day, organised by Jen Stirrup, I gave a presentation on Excel Cube Functions, querying a SQL Server database uploaded into Power Pivot to provide the cube, focusing on using MDX to enhance the capability … Continue reading

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Bob The (Proto) Builder

I have been building a prototype application over the past week, using Power Query to take the principal data management sheet, and create a form of normalised data that I could load into a SQL Server database which I would then … Continue reading

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Just One Slice Please

We all use pivot tables, don’t we? And with the introduction of slicers, we have a much more friendly and nicer way of filtering the results than the old pivot filters. One drawback of slicers is that it is not … Continue reading

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Excel is for Parameters

In my last two posts, I have shown how to build a datamodel in Excel from an Excel workbook that had two levels of headings, and then I showed how to improve the code  using functions. In the second I … Continue reading

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A Case For Functions

One of the things I don’t like about Power Query is that the list of instructions gets quite long, when a transformation is more than just a simple replace or add columns, and becomes less easily maintained. I am a … Continue reading

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Unpivot Nested Headings With Power Query

If you are a data analyst, you undoubtedly know and love Excel, and undoubtedly know and love pivot tables, they must be a core part of your analysis toolbox. No doubt at some time you will have faced the need … Continue reading

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